Christmas round up!

Another year has flown by!

Its been an incredible year filled with some highs and some lows, but that is the nature of the game, and overall the highs have certainly out shone the lows!

After creating so many new products last year, there have been less new additions this year, except for the hand cream, and the premium candles which have both been remarkably popular.

The top three items that I am consistently making the most are the candles, reed diffusers and shaving soap! Those three are the best sellers by far and people are always asking for them.

This year I’ve concentrated on keeping busy by visiting countless markets, fairs and events and met a lot of great people along the way. I’ve kept a note of the sales and will cut back on my range getting rid of the ‘dead wood’ if you like so I can focus on the more popular items. As with any company, some items sell far more than others and its prudent not to have money tied up in slow moving products, or certain scents.

The year has seen a number of ‘firsts’ such as a week in John Lewis on their sales floor in Reading which was a great experience, many county shows, which took me as far as the Devon County Show.

Green Laurels has also been very fortunate to win 2 awards this year for ‘Sustainability’, and also the ‘SBS Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday’.

I have plans to bring out a new product next year which will be a natural deodorant. I wanted to bring it out in 2022 but experienced great difficulty in sourcing the right ingredients. However those issues are now solved and testing is underway… Also in the pipeline is a subscription box to add another great level of convenience to enjoying our products.

So its been an exciting year, with more exciting things planned for 2023, but for now, do have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

All the best,


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  1. Merry Christmas Simon, you have had an amazing year apart from the recent blip. Wishing you an even more amazing 2023, you are a superstar my friend.

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