Moisturising and Protecting Hand Cream – Unscented


Deeply moisturising and nourishing

Silky smooth and easily absorbed

50g tins

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This beautifully luxurious cream, rich in Sweet almond oil & Shea butter, is deeply moisturising and nourishing.

Silky smooth, it is very easily absorbed and gives a super skin feel, making your hands feel soft and supple.

Calming chamomile and calendula extracts will help soothe dry skin conditions, as well as sore hands resulting from too much washing.

Chamomile is well known for its calming aroma and its anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing properties. It is also said to be antiseptic, bactericidal and a mild sedative. Because of this it is often used to treat sore, irritated skin.

Calendula oil is renowned for its calming and soothing properties on the skin. It aids tissue regeneration and is a valuable oil for treating wounds, scars, burns, inflammation etc.


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