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One of the things I’ve been working on in the background for a long time is another form of recycling.

You have probably noticed there a lot of items that just get thrown out all the time and I’ve often thought the phrase, ‘One persons rubbish is another persons treasure!’ is absolutely true. I’ve managed to find a lot of preloved items, listed them on my ebay shop and found new homes for thousands of items. So I thought it made perfect sense to include this as a part of the Green Laurels site, as recycling preowned and preloved items can be classed as a green eco friendly activity, preventing them from taking up space in landfill, and letting someone else enjoy the various items.

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Over the years of selling items in my ebay shop, I’ve sold a wide variety of items that would otherwise have gone to waste. From soft toys to large stereo speakers, old coins to big kitchen appliances and lots lots more. The prices the items are sold at are competitive, taking into account age, quality and rarity…

Most of the items listed (currently about 1000) are sold at a ‘buy it now’ price so you can easily click and buy the item. However, I do sometimes auction items off too, in fact I sold some lots of used toy cars recently that did well, some starting at .99p and ending at about £30. The item quality can vary too, sometimes almost unused condition, with one or two actually new items, usually if they are an unwanted gift that someone didn’t want.

Before I started Green Laurels I did a lot more reselling of preloved items. One of the reasons I started Green Laurels was because I wanted to sell the same item over and over again. That means one set of photos on a website instead of new photos of every item. One of the differences of course now is that instead of buying preloved items, I handmake brand new eco friendly items using sustainable ingredients instead. I think that the Green Laurels items also have the potential of scaleability so the prospects are exciting.

However, in the spirit of recycling preloved items take a look at my new page. You will find many categories to choose from, click the relevant one and view the items I currenty have on my ebay shop. New items will appear when I’ve been out and sourced more so keep checking back to see whats changed…

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  1. Absolutely, repurposing preloved items is not just about finding treasures; it’s a sustainable choice that significantly reduces waste. Your commitment to recycling and giving new life to items is truly inspiring. It aligns perfectly with the ethos of environmental conservation.

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