Reed Diffuser – Long lasting – Oil based

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Oil based Reed Diffuser

Typically lasts 4 – 6 months

Some customers have reported lasting up to a year!

Description below

A fantastic way to enhance your home with a wonderful scent!
Whether it’s relaxing lavender or the sweet summer smell of strawberries or the fresh aroma of citrus, these Reed diffusers really help to set the mood!

The bergamot, lavender, sweet orange and lemongrass are made using essential oils so you get the benefits from the scent you choose.

Handmade in Surrey, UK these are a staple of any home!

Choose from the menu a large assortment of wonderful scents…

And choose if you want the round diffuser with wooden top, or the square diffuser with the chrome top.



Commonly used for lifting a low mood and alleviating stress. A great addition to calming bedtime blends, this beautiful citrus oil belongs in every essential oil collection.


This rich floral oil combines the sweet scents of bluebell and hyacinth, with notes of galbanum, rose and jasmine.


Like many of the tree oils, cedarwood atlas has grounding properties that make it perfect for relaxing blends. There’s a warming quality to its woody scent, and it’s often inhaled as a decongestant.


Eucalyptus essential oil is widely believed to have cleansing properties, and it’s often diffused to cleanse the air in the home.

Fresh Cut Grass

The days are lengthening, the sun is bright, and the parks and fields are freshly trimmed and emerald green. Immerse yourself in that early summer feeling with the floral earthiness

Fresh Linen
A fresh clean floral accord with sparkling citrus notes leading to a floral, herbal heart resting on a base of musks and woods.

Jasmine + Honeysuckle (Discontinued, while stocks last)

A rich floral fragrance composed of night flowering jasmine and gentle honeysuckle enlivened by citrus accents and a smooth musk background.

Created by steam­ distilling the flower heads of the aromatic herb, pure lavender essential oil has been used for hundreds years and is grown around the world.


This pure lemongrass essential oil is cold-pressed straight from the peel of zingy Italian lemons. Loved for its irresistibly uplifting, zesty fragrance

Lily of the Valley

A white floral accord of lily of the valley, jasmine, heliotrope, cyclamen and powdered musk.

Neroli Light

Carefully produced from the beautiful blossom of the bitter orange tree. A sweet, honeyed fragrance with spicy notes

Red Mandarin

From the peel of Italian mandarins, this refreshing pure mandarin red essential oil is harvested from the peel of ripened mandarins in Italian orchards.

Rhubard + Custard (Discontinued, while stocks last)
A sweet confectionary accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard.

Strawberry Bonbon

A delicious strawberry scent sweetened with hints of vanilla and dried fruits.

Sugar Plum

The scent of fruity plums, combined with peach, nectarine, sweet vanilla, and coconut.

Sweet Orange

From the skins of delicious sweet oranges, a fresh, uplifting aroma makes this a favourite

Tropical Mango

This fresh, fruity fragrance adds a tropical twist to the scent of sweet, juicy mango with notes of ripe papaya skin, orange, raspberry, and green apple.


a rich, creamy aroma offering subtle hints of coconut, chocolate and sugar.


Bergamot, Bluebell, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Fresh Cut grass, Fresh Linen, Jasmine + Honeysuckle (Disc.), Lavender, Lemon, Lily of the Valley, Neroli Light, Red Mandarin, Rhubarb + Custard (Disc.), Strawberry Bonbon, Sugar Plum, Sweet Orange, Tropical Mango, Vanilla

4 reviews for Reed Diffuser – Long lasting – Oil based

  1. Rachel

    I bought the reed diffuser in Vanilla and it smells really lovely. It also looks great and the packaging is stylish so would make a great gift too.

  2. Lyn

    I bought a lemongrass diffuser. Absolutely A MAZE ING.
    Brought it for the bathroom but we are able to smell it at the bottom of the stairs, its so fresh and refreshing. I have sampled a few of these scents and I would recommend ANY!

  3. Emma

    A gorgeous reed diffuser I brought for my home office. Smells divine and delivery was quick too. Will buy again.

  4. Elaine

    I can’t believe how long these last! I bought mine over a year ago now and its still going – just got another at the fair this week as so impressed!

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