Shampoo Bar for normal to oily hair

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Great shampoo bar made from natural ingredients

Perfect for Normal to Oil hair types.

Lemongrass Shampoo bar 85g
Lavender Shampoo bar 85g
Orange Shampoo bar 85g

Great shampoo bar made from natural ingredients

Perfect for Normal to Oily hair types.

They leave your hair squeaky clean. With typical use, these Shampoo bars have the added benefit of lasting 7 to 8 times longer than one bottle of liquid shampoo. They avoid using plastic, and they allow you to avoid the liquid limits on air travel.

Free from SLS, Palm Oil, Parabens – No plastic packaging


Lemongrass, Lavender, Orange

4 reviews for Shampoo Bar for normal to oily hair

  1. Sophie

    Really impressed with this shampoo, wasn’t sure sbout bars but it left my hair squeaky clean and really impressed with it!

  2. Hollie

    This is the only shampoo & shampoo bar that doesn’t give me greasy hair! I am a salon owner & use these in my salon as I love natural products. Finally found the shampoo bar of my dreams! Gives volume to flat hair , lemongrass is my favourite.

  3. Ariya Clarke

    Really amazed at how good this shampoo is for curly hair. It has made my curly hair if anything even curlier, and added some volume too, really great shampoo, will definitely be buying some more!!

  4. Lu

    I’ve finally managed to convert my mum from using evil Head & Shoulders, which is full of cheap synthetics and harmful ingredients, to using your wonderful and natural shampoo bars. No more plastic and no more toxins. She’s very impressed!

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