Shaving Soap

There are many people who like to wet shave and the shave soap Green Laurels provides gets some very good feedback. The ingredients used make the soap very moisturising for the skin, especially because it contains shea butter which is great if you are looking for shave soap for sensitive skin.

There are four main scents available, the most popular being the clean fresh smell of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Peppermint, great for waking you up in the morning, or the citrus blend of Lemongrass and Lime, a refreshingly fruity scent to start the day!

The other two are more classic, with a woody blend of Cedar and Pine scents, and the traditional, Leather and Tobacco scent, (the scent of tobacco before its burnt!)

The shaving soap container is a handy tin, a shaving soap bowl with lid so great for travel as the soap stays in the tin, you just wet a shaving brush and use it in the tin which will last with typical use for about 4 months. Offering exceptional value for just £12.99 a tin. The beauty of a tin cuts out the need for a mug to lather the soap, as its all contained in the tin. The soap lathers really well and as well as being really poisturing for the skin I have testimonials to say it doesn’t clog the razor either.

Also available is wonderful shaving soap kit for anyone looking for a unique present. Contained within a gift box is not only the choice of shave soap, but also a handy shaving brush with soft bristles and a handmade stand to hold the razer and brush too. They make an ideal gift set and at just £49.99 a really great value gift for someone special.

The items are all available for home delivery, so click here to take a look today!

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