Hidden Pendant In A Heart Candle


Comes in a box which can be personalised if you would like

Just light the candle and wait…
As the wax melts your secret pendant will be revealed!!

Just select the pendant candle you would like from the menu from 1-6

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This works as a beautiful novel gift
A wonderful way to treat your special friend or other half…

Enjoy the candle burning and then enjoy the reveal of the hidden pendant inside.

The pendant comes with a 16″ black waxed faux leather cord (seperate from candle) so it can be worn as a beautiful necklace, with a silver plated clasp.

The soy candle is envirinmentally friendly and give a clean burn.

4 hour burn time

Always read the candle warning label.
Follow the instructions carefully.

Each candle is bespoke and hand poured individually.
Hence each candle will differ slightly.


1. Yellow, 2. Purple, 3. Aqua green, 4. Sea Blue, 5. Purple, 6. Aqua Green


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