New Candles have arrived!

These premium candles smell amazing!

Having listened to many of you at craft fairs and speaking in person to a number of you I have come up with a winning new line of soy wax candles which are already flying off the craft table!!

The new candles are larger than my other candles and have a burn time of up to 50 hours. They still contain the wood wick that so many of you love as they crackle as they burn producing a lovely ‘crackling’ sound as they burn – you can imagine a log fire burning in the background as these flicker away.

They come with a wooden lid, that can act as a handy coaster to sit the candle on as you use it, which really adds to the look and feel of the candle as a whole.

With such a lovely candle, each one comes in a beautifully made card gift box, so if you are looking for a really lovely present for someone, whether is family, friend or great teacher, then this surely won’t disappoint!

There are now 4 beautiful scents to choose from,

Check them out here today!

All the best,


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