FAQ’s about Soy Candles

Your most common questions answered…

Why soy candles ?

Soy wax is becoming a more popular choice since it is non-toxic and seems to give a cleaner burn. It also has the advantage of being made with no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants which means soy candles are far less likely to trigger an allergy.

A common belief held by many is that soy wax is less harmful the petroleum based candles, due to chemical exposure, so soy wax is seen as a better choice than the more common paraffin wax candles.

Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum (crude oil) which is a non renewable source, and it is complicated to mine with complex machinery to mine and refine it. It will run out one day so is definitely not sustainable. However, soy wax comes from the soybean which can replanted and is free of potentially toxic chemicals, like those found in paraffin and, as such, it produces a slow, clean burn with less residue or sooty smokiness.

Why soy candles are better ?

Soy candles generally burn slower than paraffin wax, so you get a longer burning candle.

Whilst all types of candles will give off some black soot while burning, soy wax candles are said to burn cleaner, emiting for less soot.

Many people I’ve spoken to say they get a headache when burning paraffin candles, thinking perhaps it is the fragrance that is the culprit. However those same people have not complained of a headache after burning a soy candle.

Why soy wax is better ?

One of the reasons soy wax burns longer is it has a lower melting point than paraffin wax. So you can enjoy a beautifully scented soy candle for a much greater time. As the candle burns it creates a melt pool, and it is from this that the scent is released into the air. With a slower burning candle such as soy wax candle this lovely aroma will last for a lot longer.

Best soy candles uk ?

Candles are a lovely treat to buy, enticing because of flickering flame, a crackling wooden wick, and delicious aroma enhances any lounge or household area. Soy is often regarded very highly due to its sustainable and non-toxic nature and lack of synthetic or harmful chemicals.

The wooden wick crackles like a small log fire for a relaxing sound as it burns, and as with any candle it is important to keep the wick trimmed to get the longest possible life out of your candle.

What is the best soy candle ?

There are many different scents of candles to choose from and one persons taste varies to another persons choice. Whether you opt for a vanilla or a lavender candle to feel cozy or relaxed or whether you choose a fresher scent like Lime, basil + Mandarin or a fruity Rhubard and Custard scent, there is a wide choice available, click here to view the full choice.

The candles come with reusable packaging, sustainable packaging, such as metal tins or glass jars, and card boxes which can all be easily recycled or reused.

Are soy candles the best ?

Certainly there are a lot of advantages to using soy wax. It is non-toxic and cleaner burning, avoiding toxins, carcinogens. It is a vegetable wax so won’t give of pollutants that paraffin wax is claimed to, and with a correctly trimmed wick will produce far less soot. click here to see our premium range.

Are soy candles safe for dogs ?

Vegetable based soy wax candles are regarded as being relatively harmless to dogs. The wax if accidentally eaten will usually soften and pass safely through the dog’s digenstive tract. Obviously if there are any concerns it is best to check with your vet. Soy wax does not tend to be poisonous to dogs, if the wax has been scented then check what the scent is and let the vet know.

It is a good idea to keep candles out of the reach of your pets or their tail height. If they are out of harms way then a lit candle can be useful to disguise foul pet odours, and depending on scent, aide in relaxation.

Are soy candles vegan ?

Soy candles are created from the soy bean so are absolutely vegan. The soy wax is a natural, biodegradable material, so great for animals and kinder to the environment.

How long do soy candles last ?

Soy wax candles will usually sit on the shelf for 1-2 years without issue. If they are stored in a cool dark place, away from heat and humidity then they could last a decode and still hav a pleasant burn. Over time, they may have a drop in colour and scent. It is generally recommended that candles are best used within the first 6 months to a year of purchase.

Can soy candles give you a headache ?

Many people I’ve spoken to say they get a headache when burning paraffin candles, thinking perhaps it is the fragrance that is the culprit. However those same people have not complained of a headache after burning a soy candle.

However scented soy candles can still lead to headaches or even trigger asthma if they are sensitive to a particualar fragrance so its best to always look for all natura candles to minimise those effects.

Are soy candles bad for the environment ?

Generally soy candles are far less harmful to the environment than other candles such as paraffin. They release less soot with a correctly trimmed wooden wickand the ones with essential oil and the most eco-friendly candles available.

Are soy candles non toxic ?

Soy wax is made from the soy bean and therefore regarded as non-toxic. Other types of wax such as paraffin wax contain chemicals that some find may induce headaches.

For added non toxicity a candle is usually better with an unbleached cotton wick or a wooden wick.

Are soy candles safe for babies ?

Generally it is best to avoid candles around babies. Fragrant products inside a newborn’s nursery or sleeping environment is unfortunately best avoided. Their lungs are still developing and scents won’t provide any benefits.

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